Wednesday, 20 September 2017

ShortBox: hit for #6

That time is upon us: the dawn of a new ShortBox arriveth!

ShortBox #6 is the fourth and final box of 2017, and it is an absolute ~best quality~ line-up. As ever, a few salient points to keep in mind:

  • ShortBox is an independent, curated comics box. It is not a subscription service. There is no signing up. It's simply a (pretty special) box of comics we put together every 3 months. You buy it, and that's it- there's no further commitment to anything else.
  • Orders run for a 10-day period. That begins today and ends at midnight on 30th September. This is the only way to get the box. You purchase an order, we put you down for a box. It's a system that lets us know exactly how many boxes to make, without waste. You can pre-order ShortBox #6 right now, right here: We don't remake boxes. 
  • The box will ship in November (timely for gifting season...). Depending on where you live in the world, and also on the mercy of the postal system, your box can take anything from 2 days to 5-6 weeks to get to you. After that period, if you still haven't received it, please get in touch with us via the 'contact' tab at the top of the site, and we'll take things from there. 
  • We ship worldwide!

ShortBox #6 features:

'After Laughter' comic (44p, black and white), and 'Sketches' zine (28pp, black and white) by Jonathan Djob Nkondo. I'm absolutely delighted to present this very special diptych from French animator, designer, and artist Jonathan Djob Nkonodo. Jonathan's amazing sense of movement and shape, and his exploration of form make him one of the most unique artists today and I'm thrilled to be able to bring some of his work to print. A silent, atmospheric stand-alone comic in its own right, 'After Laughter' is intended as a sequel to his short, animated film 'Island Bozo' (watch it at the link). 

'Conan Turtlepack's Day Out' by Valentine Gallardo, 40pp, black and white.  Conan Turtlepack is everyone’s good friend. On a hot summer day, he asks his favourite people to join him on a excursion to the beach. Lisa forgets her charger, Anouk shows up with a Tinder date, and Marla brings her ukulele to have a singalong. A story about friendship, romance, jealousy, and intrusive advertisements. 

'The Ghosts We Are and the Ghosts We Will Become' by Kiku Hughes, 36pp, full colour. A young girl finds herself being haunted by the ghost of an old woman, who speaks to her in a language she can't understand. Initially fearful, she slowly becomes accustomed to the spectre when it's clear it means her no ill-will or harm. Things change when, one day, the girl learns her mother can see the ghost, too. And speak to it...

'Helena' by Michael Furler, 68pp, 3-colour risograph. Helena is a primary student with with a vivid imagination and an anxious personality. She doesn’t always enjoy school and  struggles to pay attention at every little thing said, but Helena really does try her hardest, filling her time with weird thoughts, drawing, playing with King (her dog) and (when allowed to) playing video games. 

'A Long Distance' by Jean Wei, 36pp, full colour. A collection of short comics about the many gaps that come with growing up as the child of an immigrant family. Exploring Buddhism, superstition, ancestor worship, and more.

'Forage' exclusive A4 Shortbox print by the superb Choo.

Order ShortBox #6 here.


  1. Wondering if this is NSW? Okay for young teens?

  2. I am made to purchase this for the kids during the holidays or else they will eat my head loo. Thank for sharing this post.

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