Monday, 26 September 2016

Food Baby now available for individual sale

I'm excited to announce that Lucie Bryon's Food Baby is now available for individual purchase in the ShortBox shop. I know lots of people were enquiring about this option and we're honoured to be publishing and distributing it exclusively for the time being. 

I'm particularly pleased as this is a direction I've envisaged ShortBox developing in. Although ShortBox is relatively new still, the parameters of what is and isn't possible with it are quickly changing. Initially, I thought it'd be feasible to find lesser-known books from around the world and have them in the box, but shipping hundreds of books from 3 different countries is killer in terms of cost. This means that ShortBox's focus is now largely on specifically commissioning new works from artists -and printing the books ourselves, here in the UK. The idea is this benefits everyone involved: we get to bring our readers great new work first, and artists both get to participate in ShortBox and (after a brief period of exclusivity) have a new book they can print and sell. Going on to publish and distribute some of those titles individually, post the box's release, feels like a natural evolution. I like the idea of a selection of comics in the mail a lot, which is why ShortBox exists, and now it's effectively a small independent publisher with a specific presentation: the line-up for 3 out of next year's 4 boxes have been finalised, putting us on track to publish 20 new books in 2017. Offering some of these singly seems like a sensible idea, more so as publishing individual titles is an area I want to branch out into along the way.

So! We're taking the labelling and packaging and posting duties off Lucie's hands (as those hands are too busy drawing away madly) and into our own slightly less busy ones. Food Baby is a 42-page full-colour book of food comics, illustrated recipes, tips on cooking, and as always with Lucie's cartooning, is filled with humour and warmth. I've posted a few preview pages below, and you can see a couple more pictures at the listing itself. We are not liable for any drooling caused! Shipping worldwide now.


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  2. Glad to know anther shortbox is out. I hope everyone who gets the box enjoys reading the new comics. Could you please tell what the shortbox costs?